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Eiteljorg Fellowship

1999 – Present

Since 1999, The Eiteljorg Fellowship Program has been a platform where artists’ voices are heard and important conversations are sparked. We invite you to look through past fellowships and witness the profound work that has made the fellowship such an important resource for contemporary Native artists.

2017: A Retrospective

Native Art Now!

20 years of prior Eiteljorg Fellowships laid the groundwork for this unique retrospective exhibition. Nearly 40 works were chosen to challenge conventional notions that Native American art is limited to particular styles or materials or is focused only on particular eras. Native Art Now! revealed how thought-provoking and relevant contemporary artwork can be to the issues of today.



Conversations documents the strength, drama, determination, and storytelling genius of contemporary Native art and the artists who create it. This Fellowship is a true and genuine continuation of the dialogue of contemporary Native American art and artistic expression.



This impactful exhibition was so named for the strength, drama, determination, and humor of the art and the artists. The collection spanned a wide variety of styles and offered ideas about power and life and the present.


We Are Here

We Are Here boldly exemplified Native American contemporary art as important, relevant, and deserving of a place in the contemporary art cannon. Powerful stories infused with Native history and experiences were expressed in glass, photography, performance art, and other media.


Art Quantum

While blood quantum laws have been used to determine an individual’s inclusion in a Native group, these Eiteljorg Fellowship artists have instead come to view themselves as belonging to the “Art Tribe,” through the universal process of art creation and collaboration. Art Quantum presented a selection of the extraordinary work that was created to help situate the larger issue of Native identity in the contemporary art world.


Diversity And Dialogue

This stunning collection included sculptures, painting, installations, videos, and even in-your-face performance works that cause viewers to question stereotypes about Native Americans. 


Into The Fray

This Eiteljorg Fellowship helped to foster a newer and greater public understanding of part of the struggle for self-expression that Native American contemporary artists face. This Fellowship gave artists the platform to participate in the continually evolving worldwide definition of what art is.


Path Breakers

Path Breakers honored artists of a wide variety of backgrounds, and included paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and installation pieces of variety, color, and power. This fellowship truly embodied“the infinitely various ways of negotiating cultural space are apparent in contemporary Native art.”


After The Storm

This Fellowship offered a stunning variety of media, styles, and subjects, demonstrating the versatility of contemporary Native American artists. From intense drawings to otherworldly ivory carvings, the pieces featured represent a a broad geographic and emotional range.


Contemporary Masters

The inaugural Eiteljorg Fellowship was a celebration of modern Native American contemporary masters. This was the first year of many in which the Eiteljorg created a platform for Native American artists to share their work.

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