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Matthew Kirk

Fellowship Artist

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Matthew Kirk

Cultural Affiliation: Navajo

Matthew Kirk was born in Ganado, Arizona, on January 31, 1978, and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. As a youth, he lived in Wisconsin with his mother. Since 2006, Queens, New York, is where he works and lives. Kirk has no formal art training but he has been an art handler for over twelve years, and has exhibited in Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York City. Mark making in pencil, chalk, and oil stick on paper or applying unusual mediums such as staples and BB pellets to his sheetrock “canvases,” Kirk’s compositions take on a life of their own, resembling road maps, Navajo rugs, or urban landscapes.

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Matthew was selected for the Eiteljorg’s 2019 Fellowship: Blurring the Line
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Pencil | Chalk | Oil Stick | Mixed Media


Queens, New York

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