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Hannah Claus

Fellowship Artist

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hannah claus

Cultural Affiliation: Bay of Quinte Mohawk

Hannah Claus was born on February 7, 1969 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She grew up in Saint John, and she currently lives in Montréal, Quebec. She is a member of the Bay of Quinte Mohawks First Nation and she received her Associate of the Ontario College of Art and Design Diploma with Honors in Fine Arts in 1997, and her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from Concordia University in 2004. Claus is a multidisciplinary artist who creates suspended sculptural installations or videos that reference time, place, elements, or bodies of water. Her materials of choice include vellum or acrylic sheets printed with three-dimensional images, or natural materials such as porcupine quills.

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sensory environments

I use installation to create sensory environments that speak of memory and transformation. These explore the particular, personal and living relationships within an Indigenous worldview, often focusing on Kanien’kehá:ka / Mohawk cosmography, in order to unsettle our perception of time, space and memory. Through the layering and accumulation of translucent materials and image, my installations and videos remain fragile and temporal constructions that underscore the nature of these relationships and our responsibilities or roles within them. My suspended installations in particular draw upon the principles inherent to wampum belts or kahion:ni: “river made by hand”. The threads continue above and below the assembled forms as a signifier of the relationship between the physical and metaphysical: earth and sky, while the individual forms on the threads reference the multi-faceted and active nature of our connections with each other and the worlds around us.”

Hannah was selected for the Eiteljorg’s 2019 Fellowship: Blurring the Line
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Hannah’s artist



Multimedia | Mixed Media


Montreal, Quebec

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Eiteljorg commissioned water song: peemitanaahkwahki sakaahkweelo

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